Guyito in the UK: Where is the Big Ben Really?


Guyito visits the Big Ben in London

Oh, is that really the Big Ben?

I am sure you have seen this iconic landmark many times already in magazines, movies, newspapers, and all other forms of media. This is what most people call the Big Ben.

But do you know that this giant clock tower isn’t really the Big Ben itself? This used to be called the Clock Tower. It is at the corner of the Palace of Westminster. In 2012, it was named Elizabeth Tower during the 60th anniversary of her accession to the throne.

So, if it was called the Clock Tower, and now Elizabeth Tower, where is the Big Ben then, and why do most people call the tower the Big Ben?

Big Ben is really the name of the big bell that chimes the hour out. It is inside the clock tower.

I hope y’all can visit this very interesting place, dear readers. Chow for now— gotta have my afternoon tea 😉


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