Guyito in The Netherlands: Klompen!


Guyito on klompen

I wonder if they have these in my size πŸ™‚

Goede dag! I am continuing on with my adventures in The Netherlands. Today I have been introduced to klompen, the traditional Dutch wooden shoes, which are actually clogs. The Dutch people wore them hundreds of years ago to keep their feet dry and warm in muddy farm fields. During the industrial revolution, the klompen became popular in many countries in Europe primarily because it is comfortable for walking and standing for long periods.

Guyito and Dutch wooden shoes

Guyito and Dutch wooden shoes on display

Klompen shoemaking is still an important industry in the country, although klompen are not worn anymore as popularly as in the old days. People who usually wear them today are farmers, fishermen, factory workers, and artisans. They wear klompen to protect their feet from things that might pierce a regular boot. Majority of the shops that make klompen, like this one that I visited in Zaanse Schans, produce them as tourist souvenirs.

Guyito and the wooden shoe maker

Visiting a Dutch wooden shoe maker

Thank you for reading. Next time, I will take you to a beautiful garden with lots, and I mean LOTS of tulips! Please stay tuned. πŸ™‚


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