Guyito in the Netherlands: Rijksmuseum and Iamsterdam


Hallo there! I have been lagging behind my posts. I have now a lot of travels to share with you and I just can’t keep up 🙂 Anyway, to continue on with my adventures in the Netherlands, I will take you today to the Rijksmuseum. In English, it means, The State Museum. *Rijksmuseum behindThe museum first opened to the public in 1800 so it is now more than two hundred years old! In 2003, it began its reconstruction and was opened again in 2013, after 10 years of renovation. I’ve read that the budget for the renovation was really big. Well, we’re talking here of 10 years. With its transformation, the Rijksmuseum is now among the most breathtaking museums in the world. *iamsterdam 2In Amsterdam is also another tourist drawer, the “I amsterdam” sign. You’ve probably seen it all over the net and printed on t-shirts and souvenir items. It was used at first as a marketing campaign for the business and promotional organizations in the Amsterdam area. It is such a big hit that it is now among the city’s icon. No trip to Amsterdam is complete without stopping by an “I amsterdam” sign and having a photo opt with it. So I had to grab the opportunity, of course. Can you spot me? 🙂 *iamsterdam 1No? You can’t see me? Here’s a closeup shot 🙂 Now I’m sure you see me! 🙂 Till next adventure! *iamsterdam 3


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