Guyito, Who?

Ahoy there! :-)

Ahoy there! 🙂

Oh, there you are! Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. I’m Guyito, a young toy carabao from the Philippines. A carabao is a water buffalo. I am also called Asian buffalo because 95% of my kind live in Asia.

Carabaos are important animals. We help farmers plough the fields and produce good harvest. But because I am still too young to do the job, I decided to visit places! Isn’t that exciting? And now I get to share my adventures with you through this blog. Really, really cool!

This blog will show you how much I love traveling and learning about the places I visit. Who knows, I might inspire you to start packing your things, too 😉

Feel free to leave comments or ask questions here at my blog. Or if you want to reach me via email, here’s my addy:


Disclaimer: Guyito is trademarked and owned by the Philippine Daily Inquirer. He is the newspaper’s mascot. This blog, however, is not in any way connected with the said newspaper. Views and opinions stated here are solely by the blog owner.


4 thoughts on “Guyito, Who?

    • Hello, Miss W,
      Welcome to my blog and thank you for visiting. I am thrilled over Mt. Davo Devil and Mr Frizzletail’s travels. I wonder if I can ever get to visit the places they’ve been to.

  1. Hey Guyito,

    it seems I missed you when I came to visit the Philippines. Maybe I should have stayed a little longer than just one day in Manila during a typhoon.

    I love your pictures from Amsterdam, especially as I have also been there last year. I think we would have well teamed up together. A wannabe comedian bear and cute carabao.

    To make sure we don’t miss each other next time you should follow me on twitter: fozzie_travels

    If you wanna check where else I have been, you should have a look at my website:

    I hope to read more from you.


    • Oh, hey, hello there, Fozzie! It’s nice to know you have visited my country. I hope you enjoyed your visit. I have visited your site. It rocks! 🙂 I hope someday our paths would cross as we explore the world. Good luck and thank you for visiting my blog.

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