Guyito Goes to Bagasbas Beach!


guyito_bagasbas beach daetHello there again.

What you are looking at is probably the most popular beach in the province of Camarines Norte. This is Bagasbas Beach.

If you are a surfing enthusiast, try going there in the months of August to January and you’ll find waves that can swell from 6 to 8 feet! I want to learn to surf someday. I think it’s a fun thing to do. I think I’d look cool on the surfboard 😉

On days when the waves are not so high and wild, Bagasbas Beach is ideal for skim boarding and a haven for swimming enthusiasts.

Oh, here’s another great thing about the place. It is just a 10-minute ride away from the town proper of Daet, the capital of Camarines Norte. It’s accessible even by tricycle.

Sorry if I look blurry in the picture.