Guyito Visits the Capul Lighthouse


guyito_capul lighthouse

Yes, I went to Capul Northern Samar to visit the Capul Lighthouse. It is one of the few surviving lighthouses built during the Spanish era. And it is still working! It is still being used by the Philippine Coast Guard.

For many, many years now, it has been constantly lighting out to sea and guiding boats and ships passing the San Bernardino Strait, between the islands of Samar and Luzon.

The lighthouse proudly sits on top of a grassy hill in Barangay San Luis.The hill itself is an attraction. It offers a magnificent view as it extends out to the sea. You can sit under the big tree and enjoy some peace and quiet while listening to the crashing waves just below the hill. Oh, that’s just me being a romantic 🙂

I hope you can also visit Capul someday, but I suggest you go there on summer. Otherwise, the sea can get really rough.