Guyito in the Netherlands: Riding the Bull




A carabao riding a bull. It seems unlikely but yeah, here I am, riding the famous but controversial raging bull sculpture made by artist Arturo di Modica.

Di Modica first surprised New York when he, without notice, installed a bull at the Wall Street. This is the third bull he installed, which also took the people of Amsterdam by surprise. The second one was installed in China a couple of years ago.

More adventures next post!


Guyito in the Netherlands: Rijksmuseum and Iamsterdam


Hallo there! I have been lagging behind my posts. I have now a lot of travels to share with you and I just can’t keep up 🙂 Anyway, to continue on with my adventures in the Netherlands, I will take you today to the Rijksmuseum. In English, it means, The State Museum. *Rijksmuseum behindThe museum first opened to the public in 1800 so it is now more than two hundred years old! In 2003, it began its reconstruction and was opened again in 2013, after 10 years of renovation. I’ve read that the budget for the renovation was really big. Well, we’re talking here of 10 years. With its transformation, the Rijksmuseum is now among the most breathtaking museums in the world. *iamsterdam 2In Amsterdam is also another tourist drawer, the “I amsterdam” sign. You’ve probably seen it all over the net and printed on t-shirts and souvenir items. It was used at first as a marketing campaign for the business and promotional organizations in the Amsterdam area. It is such a big hit that it is now among the city’s icon. No trip to Amsterdam is complete without stopping by an “I amsterdam” sign and having a photo opt with it. So I had to grab the opportunity, of course. Can you spot me? 🙂 *iamsterdam 1No? You can’t see me? Here’s a closeup shot 🙂 Now I’m sure you see me! 🙂 Till next adventure! *iamsterdam 3

Guyito in The Netherlands: Riding the Bike, Bus, and Trains


Guyito at MacBike, The Netherlands

Come, let’s rent a bike!

Hello again!

I am taking you on several rides today. First, let’s take the bike in Amsterdam.

We all know Amsterdam is a very bike-friendly city. In fact, it is dubbed “The City of Bikes.” And why not? It has multitude of bike paths and it has special bicycle traffic lights, too!

Guyito at a bike lane, Amsterdam

How about a carabao lane, anyone? Heehee

I was so amazed. I hope the Philippines will have these, too. Instead of people riding on carabaos, they might as well ride bikes to their farm 😉 Someday. Someday.

Anyway, your biking experience in Amsterdam begins with a rented bike. Here I am at one of the rental stations of MacBike.

Guyito testing a bike

How would you like to ride a bike with me around Amsterdam? 😉

Next, let’s take the GVB bus. It’s a cool way to tour the city. The GVB is the public transport system in Amsterdam. It has 16 trams routes, around 50 bus routes, 4 metro lines, and 5 ferry links. Now, when will my dear Philippines have these?! I hope it happens in my lifetime.
Guyito rides the GVB Bus, Amsterdam

Bus selfie!

Let’s hop on a trains this time, shall we? Around Amsterdam, I took the GVB train.
Guyito aboard the GVB train, Amsterdam

Look, it’s not crowded!

Here I am at the Waterlooplein Metro Station. It is close to the city hall of Amsterdam.
Guyito at Waterlooplein Metro Station, Amsterdam

Ready for a train ride!

Oh, I also rode a train in Rotterdam, the 2nd largest city in The Netherlands. The train system in Europe is really very efficient. Kainggit much!
Guyito at the Rotterdam train station

It’s so clean 🙂

I’m saving the best ride for last so here I am, in a Thalys Train 1st class! Thalys, the “red train,” is a high speed train that takes you to Belgium, France, The Netherlands, and Germany. So since I’m riding it, you can guess where I am heading next 😉
Guyito on board Thalys Train 1st class!

Come, ride with me! 🙂

Guyito Goes to The Netherlands!

Stroopwafels look yummy!

Stroopwafels look yummy!

Hallo! Yes, you’ve read it right, I have been to The Netherlands! How exciting, isn’t it? I am used to seeing rice fields in my home country, the Philippines. Here, it’s colorful fields of tulips!

But first off, let’s have some snack. A carabao has to eat, too 😉 So I’m buying a stroopwafel. It’s a waffle made from two thin layers of baked dough. Between the layers is a gooey caramel-like syrup, which makes the waffle oh-so-delicious. Oh, and the syrup has a hint of cinnamon.

Did you know that the baker who first made this famous snack used leftovers from a bakery, like breadcrumbs? I wonder if he ever thought his stroopwafels would be this famous hundreds of years from the first time he made them.

Gotta eat some stroopwafels now so I’m signing off. But please do visit my blog again because I am posting lots of photos from this beautiful country, which is the world’s second largest exporter of food and agricultural products. Did you read it, guys? Ag-ri-cul-tu-ral. Ahem. Looks like I’ll really enjoy it here 😉

Tot de volgende keer! Stay tuned for more of my adventures in this land of tulips, windmills, cheese, and wooden shoes!