Guyito in the UK: Finally Seeing the London Eye!


Guyito at the London Eye

I’m thinking of embarking, people 😉

Look, it’s the London Eye on the south bank of the River Thames!

I feel very fortunate to have seen myself this very popular attraction in London. The London Eye has 32 air-conditioned capsules, each can accommodate up to 25 persons. The glass capsules on the outer side of the rim allows the passengers to have a 360-degree view over London.

The wheel moves slow enough for people to get on a capsule while it is moving. It takes about 30 minutes for the wheel to complete a turn.

At 135 meters high, this was once the tallest observation wheel in the world until it was surpassed by the Star of Nanchang in 2006 (160 meters), Singapore Flyer in 2008 (165 meters), and Nevada’s High Roller this year (167.6).

Since I’m afraid of heights, shall I embark? 🙂


Guyito in the UK: At the Buckingham Palace


Finally, Buckingham!

Finally, Buckingham!

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. How have you been? I’m continuing my posts on my trip to UK.

The structure behind me probably needs no introduction. You guessed it right, it’s the famous Buckingham Palace, today’s administrative headquarters of the Monarch. Since 1837 it has served as the official London residence of Britain’s sovereigns.

It is such a big, big palace. Can you guess how many rooms it has? Yes, 775 rooms! Hmn, I can’t help but wonder if they’ll let a traveling carabao in 🙂

Guyito in the UK: At St. James’s Park, London


Just watching the world go by…

Just watching the world go by…

Ahhh…sometimes it just feels right to sit down and simply relax.

This is St. James’s Park, dear readers. It is one of London’s eight royal parks, and the oldest. It is just near the country’s most famous landmarks like Westminster, Clarence House, St. James’s Palace, and Buckingham Palace. See? It is surrounded by three palaces!

But did you know that many, many years ago, there used to be farms, woods, and a hospital for women lepers in this place? I just couldn’t believe pigs used to graze here. Now it is one of the famous landmarks in London visited yearly by millions of tourists. This year, I get to be included in the statistics: so it’s millions of tourists and one young carabao named Guyito 😀

Guyito in the UK: Bathing in the Roman Bath of Bath


Guyito at the Roman bath, England

To bathe or not to bathe?

Sorry for the title, I did not really bathe in here. I wanted to, you know, I was thinking it was going to be a different experience from bathing in a river. But no, although this was a public bath back in the old days, bathing here is not permitted anymore.

I know what you’re thinking: Why is there a Roman bath in England?

You see, back in the old, old, old, old, old days, the Romans invaded Great Britain. The Romans were fond of building roads at the time and, one day as they advanced west of England, they chanced upon a hot spring near the River Avon. Here, they built a reservoir, baths, and a temple. Pretty soon, a town quickly grew around the area. And the town was named Bath.

That’s all for today, folks. Tomorrow we’re going to the Buckingham Palace! Sooo excited!

Did anyone bring a towel?

Did anyone bring a towel?

Guyito in the UK: Where is the Big Ben Really?


Guyito visits the Big Ben in London

Oh, is that really the Big Ben?

I am sure you have seen this iconic landmark many times already in magazines, movies, newspapers, and all other forms of media. This is what most people call the Big Ben.

But do you know that this giant clock tower isn’t really the Big Ben itself? This used to be called the Clock Tower. It is at the corner of the Palace of Westminster. In 2012, it was named Elizabeth Tower during the 60th anniversary of her accession to the throne.

So, if it was called the Clock Tower, and now Elizabeth Tower, where is the Big Ben then, and why do most people call the tower the Big Ben?

Big Ben is really the name of the big bell that chimes the hour out. It is inside the clock tower.

I hope y’all can visit this very interesting place, dear readers. Chow for now— gotta have my afternoon tea 😉

Guyito in the UK: At the Salisbury Cathedral

Guyito visits the Salisbury Cathedral in the United Kingdom

I won’t be taking dips in the river for sometime 🙂

My trip to Europe is a great escape. While it is too hot in the Philippines, people in the UK are wearing thick clothing. It is relatively cold here and therefore I don’t need to bathe in the river 😉

Anyway, on to my adventures here. Behind me is the Salisbury Cathedral. I have often wondered why it is visited by over half a million people a year! Now I know why: Aside from being an old church (over 750 years old!), it is home to Europe’s oldest working clock (more than 600 years old!) and the world’s best preserved original Magna Carta, and it has Britain’s tallest church spire.

Guyito in the UK: At the Tower Bridge!

Guyito at the Tower Bridge, London

At the iconic London landmark, the Tower Bridge

Hello there! Back to my adventures in the UK. Here I am listening intently as the tour guide tells us very interesting things about the Tower Bridge, which took 8 years to build.

How I’d love to walk on those 2 horizontal walkways supporting the two towers. I’m sure the walkways offer a great view of the River Thames.