Guyito Enjoys the Sunset in Dipolog City!

Guyito enjoys Dipolog sunset

Ahhh, I love sunsets!

..and it wasn’t just another sunset. It wasn’t just any ordinary sunset, my dear readers. The colors of the sky slowly turned to gold, then crimson with purple hues. It was one of the most incredible sunsets I have ever witnessed!

Sunset in Dipolog City can be best enjoyed from the 3.5-kilometer long Dipolog Boulevard. On a sunny day, visit the boulevard at around 5 or 6 o’clock and treat yourself to a grand view of the sunset.

Dilopog Boulevard comes alive late in the afternoon. Expect people roaming around, tables and chairs being prepared in front of food stalls (where, by the way, you can eat kamayan style. Read: you eat with your bare hands), and photography enthusiasts clicking their cameras.

Dipolog City is the capital of Zamboanga del Norte, a province in Mindanao.